Fragments of Extinction participated in the UN Biodiversity Conference in November 2018 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, where David Monacchi presented his work on eco-acoustics at the General Assembly.

Soundscapes recorded in undisturbed primary equatorial forests were shared with the participants of the Conference. The structural integrity of these unique rich ecosystems were heard in their acoustic behavior, and displayed through sophisticated eco-acoustic analyses, to highlight the importance of protecting the last primary forests in the tropics.


“We began investigating in the world’s oldest and most diverse primary equatorial rainforests, collecting three-dimensional sound portraits of entire circadian cycles. The complex network of inter and intra-specific communication found in these recordings is a relevant proof of the systemic behavior of the soundscape in primary habitats. It is the sonic heritage of millions of years of evolution. We must save fragments of it in order to study, understand, experience, enjoy, and conserve it, preserving for future generations imprints of the disappearing sonic intelligence of nature. Fragments of Extinction is doing part of this work.”  David Monacchi

The first permanent Eco-acoustic Theatre opened to the public in 2017 at Naturama Natural History Museum, Denmark. A mobile eco-acoustic theatre is under construction and will be available from 2019 onwards. Read the IUCN article  or watch the video below.

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For more information about the COP 14, visit the UN Biodiversity Conference COP 14 website, or visit the UN Convention on Biological Diversity site.

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