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CD Eco-Acoustic Compositions – EMF Media-New York, Earth Ear (EMF CD 074)
Booklet here

CD Prima AmazoniaWild Sanctuary-California (WSI 056)
Booklet here




16/11/2022               UNFCC  COP-27. Invited talk on Fragments of Extinction at the Mediterranean Pavilion on the “Biodiversity Day” (I)

20/11/2018                UN Biodiversity Conference COP-14, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. Keynote talk at the plenary session “Living in Harmony with Nature” (K)

24-28/06/2018             ISE (International Society of Ecoacoustics), third “Ecoacoutics Congress”, Brisbane, Australia. Keynote talk + multichannel concert “Fragments of  Extinction–The Sonic Heritage of Ecosystems”. (K)

29-30/05/2018             IRCAM (Institute of Research and Coordination in Acoustics and Music), Paris, France. The Sound of the Anthropocene: nature(s). Talk and listening session with Fragments of Extinction’s selected ecosystems. (I)

01-10/09/2016             IUCN World Conservation Congress 2016, Honolulu Hawaii. Poster + immersive sound installation “Fragments of  Extinction – The Sonic Heritage of Ecosystems” in the Protected Planet Pavilion. (I)

15/04/2016                  IUCN headquarters Gland, Switzerland. Invited talk+3D concert “FoE-The sonic Heritage of Ecosystems” (I)

ICCROM – International Center for the Study of Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property, International Conference
“SOIMA-2015: Unlocking Sound and Image Heritage”, Brussels, BE – September 2015
Talk + concert  “Fragments of  Extinction – The Sonic Heritage of Ecosystems”.

ECSITE – European Network of Science Centers and Museums, Annual Conference
“ECSITE-2015 conference Food for Curious Minds”, Trento, IT – June 2015
Talk + listening sessions in the first prototype of Eco-acoustic Theatre “Fragments of Extinction – The intelligent sound of ecosystems”.

UCLA – University of California Los Angeles, Dean’s Lectures
Los Angeles, US – February 2014
Talk + concert “Fragments of  Extinction – An Environmental Sound-Art project on the acoustic Biodiversity of Rainforests”.

EAA – European Acoustics Association, International Symposium
“Joint Symposium on Auralization and Ambisonics”, Berlin, DE – April 2014
Talk + concert  “Fragments of  Extinction (Borneo 2012) – An ambisonic audio-video concert
based on rainforest ecosystem recordings”.

Society of Code Biology, First Conference
International Conference of “Code Biology” – Universitè Paris Decartes, May 2014
Talk  “Eco-acoustic Codes of Borneo Primary Forest

International Society of Ecoacoustics, First Conference
Symposium “Ecology and Acoustics” – Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, June 2014
Talk  “Fragments of Extinction – A New Recording Approach in Primary Equatorial Forests

WFAE – World Forum for Acoustic Ecology, International Conference
“The Global composition” – Hochschule of Darmstadt, DE – July 2012
Talk + concert  “A Full-Periphonic Ambisonic Studio for Soundscape Composition”.

AES – Audio Engineering Society, UK Conference
“Spatial Audio in Today’s 3D World” – University of York,  UK – March 2012
Poster “Challenges and Perspectives in the Construction of a Full-Periphonic Ambisonic Studio”.


(Granted specifically to the project Fragments of Extinction and his author):

FULBRIGHT Research fellowship (USA) at Center for New Music and Audio Technology CNMAT, University of California – Berkeley (2007)

Prize at the 35th International Competition of Sound Art and Electroacoustic Music of Bourges – France (2008)

Giovannini National Prize for Innovation, 5th edition – Prize for sound art and interdisciplinary innovation, to the presence of President of the Italian Republic – Rome (2013)

A complete (1998 – present) project’s CV of concerts, sound-art gallery and museum installations, symposia, talks, workshops, etc., is available here.



  • (2013) – Italian Patent n. 102014902235687 – Teatro Bioacustico
  • (2014) European Patent n. EP3052719B1 Eco-Acoustic Theatre, granted in regionalization to the international application Wipo/PCT n. WO2014132280A2
  • (2015) China Patent n. CN105051299A – 生态声剧场
  • (2016) United States Patent No. US9,447,592 B2 – Eco-Acoustic Theatre

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