The Eco-acoustic Theatre (known also as Bio-acoustic Theatre from its initial conception in 2005) is the ideal space designed for the immersive listening of ecosystems. Patented in 2013, this flexible venue offers a radically new experience of nature through sound: a paradoxical context, in which an extreme technological experience – collective in form – gives rise to an intimate understanding of something primordial, unknown but somehow profoundly resonant and familiar. The theatre builds a virtual space, in which to reconnect with real nature – a journey through time into the oldest ecosystems on Earth, the sounds of which live on today.

All photos and video in this section by Alex D’emilia

Please contact us to receive more information about the device and program.

The first permanent Eco-acoustic Theatre opened to the public in 2017 at Naturama Natural History Museum, Denmark. The theatre features specific programs of Fragments of Extinction, as immersive listening experiences and educational documentaries on the consequences of the biodiversity crisis on soundscape heritage.

An earlier prototype was built in 2013 at the Conservatorio “G. Rossini” of Pesaro, Italy and serves as a research and post-production facility for the project’s content creation.

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