Dusk Chorus – TRAILER (2:28 min)


Dusk Chorus – FILM (1:01:58 full stream) – HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED

Experience the sound of the ecosystem with the highest biodiversity on Earth
through headphones


Based on Fragments of Extinction
Duration: 62 min.

Written and narrated by David Monacchi
Directors: Nika Šaravanja, Alessandro D’Emilia
Cinematography: Alessandro D’Emilia
Editing: Otis Buri
A co-production ZeLIG – Fragments of Extinction

Format: full HD
Sound: 5.1 dolby surround sound from 3D research field recordings

An exploration through remote primary equatorial forests, the project Fragments of Extinction uses sound as a medium to reflect on the current global extinction crisis. The film portrays the fieldwork of eco-acoustics researcher and project’s founder David Monacchi, who is on a quest to record 24-hour 3-dimensional sonic portraits in the area with the assessed highest biodiversity on Earth. Through beautiful and immersive cinematography and directing, Alessandro D’Emilia and Nika Saravanja follow the progress of this urgent project, incorporating Monacchi’s lecture footage, which manages to accessibly impart the complexity of the issues at hand. During the film the focus shifts from incredible images to a spectacular surround listening experience. It’s as if the viewers themselves are in the middle of the rainforest – they hear insects, birds, amphibians, mammals and even trees in a three-dimensional polyphony of nature. The result is a careful balance between Monacchi’s scientific yet deeply philosophical relationship with the environment and the urgent plight of communities and creatures that are facing the impact of habitat loss, invasive industry and climate change. Dusk Chorus (2017) is an enduring contemplation and poetic journey on some of the often-overlooked aspects that make an ecosystem diverse, unique, and fragile.

Official selections and Awards:

  1. Visions du Reèl – Nyon                                                                            (International premiere)
  2. Green Film Festival – Seoul
  3. Cinemambiente – Torino                                                                          AWARD – Best Italian Documentary
  4. Durban International Film Festival – Durban                                          AWARD – Best International Documentary
  5. Iran International Film Festival – Teheran
  6. DokuFest – Prizren
  7. Global Eco Film Festival – Zurich
  8. Innsbruck Nature Film Festival – Innsbruck                                           AWARD – Best International Documentary
  9. Bifed – Istanbul                                                                                         AWARD – Best International Doc (student jury)
  10. Cervino Cinemountain – Aosta
  11. Imagine Science Film Festival – New York                                            (North America premiere)
  12. Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival – Toronto
  13. CineEco – Serra da Estrela                                                                     AWARD – Best International Documentary
  14. Jihlava IFF – Prague
  15. Cinema Planeta – Mexico
  16. Jihlava International documentary Film Festival – Prague
  17. Inconvenient Films Film Festival – Vilnius
  18. Mountain International Film Festival – Graz                  
  19. InScience Dutch International Film Festival – Nijmegen                      AWARD – Best International Documentary
  20. Fricine Socioenvironmental Film Festival – Rio De Janeiro
  21. International Human Rights Film Festival – Nurnberg
  22. Environmental Film Festival – Washington
  23. Signes de Nuit – Paris                                                                             AWARD – Best International Documentary
  24. Festival of Tolerance – Zagreb
  25. Signes de Nuit – Berlin
  26. Green Film Festival UEA – Norwick UK
  27. International Documentary Film Festival Beldocs – Belgrad
  28. Green Image Film Festival – Tokyo                                                        AWARD – Green Image award
  29. International Wildlife Film Festival – Montana
  30. Ecozine Film Festival – Zaragoza                                                           AWARD – Best International Film
  31. Festival International de Cinema e Video Ambiental – Brazil               AWARD – Best International Film
  32. Trento film Festival – Trento
  33. Signes de Nuit – Bangkok                                                                       Special Mention – International Documentaries
  34. Science Fiction Film Festival – Trieste
  35. Savonlinna International Film Festival – Finland
  36. International Film Festival Ebesrwalde – Berlin
  37. Green Film Festival – San Francisco
  38. International Science Film Festival – Saint Petersburg                        AWARD – Jury Prize
  39. Bridge Film Festival – Verona                                                                 AWARD – Jury Prize
  40. Fuorinorma – Roma
  41. European Academy of Science Film – Vienna                                       AWARD – Best European Science Film 2017-2018

For the Green Film Network Award (awarded to the best film among winners in n. 33 International Environmental Film Festivals) Dusk Chorus positioned as Second Best Documentary 2017 on a global scale.

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